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Los Angeles Girls'
Israel Torah Tour

Camp Lagitt
6809 Hyacinth Lane
Dallas, TX  75252

9 Ahad Ha'am Street
Jerusalem, Israel


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What are the flight arrangements?
The group flight, which we arrange, leaves from NY/NJ . Each girl needs to make arrangements to meet that flight.  We can direct you to a travel agent to assist you in your add on flights.

How much spending money do I need?
It depends how many gifts you want to buy.  

Water: For the tour, you need to drink a minimum of one liter bottle of water a day.  If you choose not to refill your bottle, bottled water can be purchased for 5 shekel a day.

Laundry: If they wish, the girls have the opportunity to do laundry twice during the tour. The charge is 35-40 shekel a bag.

Do we need to bring cell phones?
Cell phones are not required.  However, for those who choose to get a phone, we make arrangements for group rates.  Each family will deal directly with the company.  We do restrict the use of phones to morning and evenings when we are on tour.  Please visit: SimsforIsrael for more information regarding the cell phone rental program.

Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the time of arrival BACK to the US .

What clothing should we bring?
We have attached a suggested clothing list.  Remember, think wet and dirty! Do not bring good clothing for most of the trip. Click HERE to view and print the suggested clothing list.

Is there a dress code?
Yes, of course.  LAGITT has a standard of dress, a “dress code” that we require. We feel that it is a reasonable expectation due to the nature of our activities. In order to help the girls feel the importance of where they are, and to have them represent what we wish a LAGITT girl to look like, a strict adherence to this code is necessary. We are confident that these simple expectations will be followed.

  • shirt sleeves well below the elbow

  • long skirts ( no slits)

  • Socks

  • Closed Shoes

  • Most importantly, loose fitting clothing and proper necklines.

Leave your jewelry, makeup, and fancy clothing behind and come prepared to sing, dance, hike, laugh and cry.  It will be a month that you will never forget.

Do you require the completion of a Medical and Release form?
Yes.  The form can be view and printed HERE

Medical coverage: LAGITT provides full medical coverage for our participants(through Shiloach). We have access to all hospitals and private doctors in their system. They will not, however, cover pre-existing conditions.

What baggage do I bring?
It is suggested that you limit yourself to one large bag (weighing no more than 50 lbs.)  Include a light weight foldable duffle inside that you will use for the free Shabbos.  Please check with the airline for applicable luggage charges.

Luggage tags and T- shirts
We will provide a LAGITT t-shirt which MUST be worn at least 3 times during the tour; during both plane trips- departure and arrival, and for a group picture.  Additional t-shirts may be purchased at the time of application for $15 each.  We will send you two LAGITT luggage tags.  We suggest you write your personal address info on the reverse side with permanent marker.

Are Scholarships offered?
Girls have received scholarships from their local federations, including The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, and The NY UJA Federation. Please contact us for additional information.





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