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Rabbi and Mrs Wachsman,  Shalom,

I wanted to thank you for the fabulous summer experience my daughter, Chavi had. It was truly beautiful On all levels!! Educational, spiritual and fun.  Unforgettable !!  Thank you for all that you have done. She has grown from this. Thank you for enabling Chavi to get this amazing gift and lifetime experience which otherwise she couldn't have gotten if it wasn't for your help. 

We have much hakoras hatov!! Shana Tova; Kesiva ve chasima Tova 

All the best,

Mrs. H. 


I want to thank you for providing Natanyah with a fantastic experience in Israel this summer.  

Mrs. W.


Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Wachsman:

I just want to say thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my daughter the trip and opportunity to see and feel Eretz Yisroel under your guidance, experience, love and patience. She truly appreciated each and every moment that she spend with the girls, madrichot, and yourselves.

Your professionalism and dedication to the girls having the opportunity to experience and soak up as much of the country from North to South even in these difficult and trying times was incredible.

I explain it as if an annanei hacovod was protecting each and every one of the girls as you traveled with determination not to let any piece of the itinerary be overlooked.

The teamwork that you showed the girls was exemplary and my daughter respected and understood how hard this year in particular must have been for you both.

May Hashem give you the koach to continue infusing young girls a sense of pride and love for Eretz Yisroel.

Enjoy a little rest and relaxation you both deserve it.

Mr. and Mrs. K


Dear Rabbi & Mrs. Wachsman,

My husband and I would like to thank you for giving Deena the best summer of her life.  She came home and was so excited to tell us both everything and everywhere she went this summer.  She love all the tiyulim, hikes, water activities, Kever Rochel, Kotel and seeing things she learned in Navi.  She showed us pictures of all the new friends she made.  We know due to the situation things were a little more difficult.  Deena never realized any of that and loved every bit of camp.

Once again thank you for giving her a wonderful experience.


Mr. and Mrs. H


Dear Rabbi and Mrs Wachsman,

I hope all is well. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for showing Ariella such an amazing time. Even under the circumstances you managed to give the girls a great time. Thanks again!

Mr. and Mrs. M


Thank you both so much for everything! We are on our way to pick Nikki up now. I know she had an amazing time. Your pictures and narratives were great.  Looking forwards to hearing her fill in the details

Best regards, Dr. B


Dear Rabbi and Mrs Wachsman,

Thank you so much for not only an amazing and fun summer but also a spiritual and uplifting one. From day one to day 30 you didn't let us down once. Even with the crazy situation going on in Israel and everyone getting scared and nervous you never gave up on us and kept trying and always had something fun planned to get the war off our mind. I really enjoyed all the spiritual things we did! You should know that I said tehillim today and will iyh continue saying it daily!! I really really never left a camp before that I couldn't stop crying from and this camp must be special because if you ask any of the people siting with me what I did on the plane they'll tell you cry how much I'll miss camp and look through the pictures! So thank you so much for being the best "parents" to us this summer and giving me an experience of a lifetime that not every girl experiences!! Have a great summer and hope to see you soon!!
Best regards,


Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Wachsman,

B"H Rochie arrived home safetly - we have not had a real chance to talk about the trip and the whole experience with her since she has been sound asleep since she got home.

The little that we spoke - she had a very nice summer and gained alot from the experience of being in Eretz yisroel and with your group.

Thank you for all that you did for her.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and everyone should be safe.

Rabbi and Mrs. A


Thanks so much for taking Sarah and for running a great program.

Mrs. F


Dear Rabbi and Mrs Wachsman

I want to thank you both so much for giving Talia such an amazing experience this summer.

I can only imagine how stressful it was for the both of you. Our country is at war and you were responsible for close to 30 Jewish American teenagers - could it get more challenging!

Yet in spite of it all - you took them on many, many tours and helped instill in them a love for Ererz Yisrael that they will never forget!

Wishing you a restful summer and a Chaviva v'chasima Tova Besurot tovot!

Mrs. P


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